Conditions of Admission

  • Age four and a half to thirteen
  • Required entrance examination

The entry at Reception is four and a half years (4 1⁄2) by January and five and a half years (5 1⁄2) for the standard one pupils in January.

Behavioral Expectations

Within the campus of Baobab School, each and every child should be treated with respect. In turn, each child should respect themselves, others and their surroundings. At Baobab School we believe that each student is expected;

  • To be polite and courteous at all times
  • To say “thank you”, “please” and “pardon” when appropriate
  • To hold doors open for adults and each other
  • To use correct forms of address to staff, visitors, i.e. Sir, Mister, Miss, Mrs.
  • To show respect for one another, staff and visitors to the school
  • To use appropriate voice tone for the setting
  • To walk quietly along the pathways, verandas
  • To wait quietly for the arrival of a member of staff
  • To leave the class in an orderly manner when dismissed
  • To move quietly between all classes and to assembly
  • Not to loiter
  • To maintain a high standard of appearance and abide by the school uniform policy
  • To take care of school furniture, books, equipment and buildings
  • To use litter bins and not to deface the school environment
  • To respect the plants, lawns, trees, shrubs in our grounds
  • Not to deface walls or furniture
  • Not to bring large sums of money to school unless for a specific purpose (PTA)

Note: Attending Baobab School’s Reception guarantees a place in Standard One. Our programme is unique in that it prepares pupils for Standard One. Baobab parents are encouraged to apply for their children entering Reception class, a year in advance to be placed on a priority waiting list. We generally do not take pupils into Standard One as we require all pupils to have undergone our Reception programme.

1. Basic requirements

All prospective students applying to the school are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of P250.00. The school will review this figure annually.
A certified copy of the birth certificate must accompany each application form as well as a copy of the last report or letter of transfer.

2. Selection

  • This entry system is on a first come, first serve basis in accordance with the waiting list. However, the following criteria is also considered:
  • Priority is given to parents with children already attending Baobab School.
  • Priority is given to pupils transferring from English Schools outside Gaborone
  • All pupils wishing to enroll in classes beyond Reception class will take an entrance test
  • Admission during third term is generally not done, however special consideration is given only to those pupils transferring from English Medium Schools outside Gaborone upon passing the entrance test.

3. School Fees

At present the following payments will be in force but are subject to constant review as and when necessary

Development Levy

P1,500.00 – This only applies to parents who do not have any other children attending Baobab School. Those parents with children at Baobab will pay only P1,000.00. Development levy is paid on admission and only once for each enrolment and is refundable if the new student withdraws before attending school and one (1) month’s notice is required

School Fees

  • P11 524.00 per term for all classes with effect from January 2019. This will be increased   from time to time due to inflation. Parents will be notified of any increase a term in advance.
  • To guarantee a place for next term, half of the school fees shall be paid at the end of the term.  Your child’s place is automatically forfeited if you fail to pay the first half. The other half is to be paid before the school term begins.
  • All parents / guardians who wish to pay the full amount are required to do so on the month before the school closes. For example, pay full amount by April for May, August for September and December for January.
  • All fees must be paid before the term starts. New parent should request a PAYMENT PLAN FORM from the office. This is only effective after you have paid all the fees on enrolment as a new parent.
  • NOTE: Parents paying monthly are to continue as they have been doing.
  • A penalty fee of P200.00 is charged per family for the late payment of fees. (i.e. Fees paid on or after school opens).

4. Withdrawal / Transfer

  • All parents withdrawing their children at short notice will not be refunded any school fees if already paid. One term notice should be given by parents wishing to withdraw their children in the form of a written letter. Those parents who give short term notice will have to pay a full term’s fees.
  • Any child whose half fees have not been paid by the closure of the term shall be deemed to be NO LONGER RETURNING TO THE SCHOOL.