Baobab Staff

Baobab School comprises of a staff of sixty individuals largely grouped in three different departments: our teaching staff, administration and our support staff.

As in any family, each is dependent upon the other to ensure that each child entrusted into our care enjoys the time that he or she spends at school and is exposed to holistic learning.

Our teaching staff has both local and international flavor with teachers coming from various parts of Botswana as well as different corners of the world. We proudly boast of ten different countries from three different continents. We have a lovely balance of male and female staff members as well as a sound mixture of seasoned and young energetic teachers.

Educationally we bring together a wide range of teaching experiences which Baobab captures, adapts and refines into our own unique programme. Our programme aims at producing learners with skills, competencies and attitudes which will enable our learners to be adaptive to the socio-cultural and educational environment in which they find themselves.

The teaching staff together with management and our support staff strive to give everyone – our former, current or prospective customer – a warm pleasant experience while at Baobab.