The Baobab School Curriculum is broad, balanced and designed to develop a global citizen which is cherished by the aims of Global Citizenship in Education. Through its child-centred approach, the curriculum is designed to enhance the Botswana National pre-primary and primary school curricula. The Baobab curriculum is a living document that shall evolve to take into account the national, regional and global developments in education and social and economic changes. Its overall purpose is to enhance the attainment of excellence in literacy, numeracy and the development of the 21st Century skills.

It compares favourably with curricula in the highest performing schools, reflecting the best collective wisdom the School has about how children learn and what they should know.

Global Citizenship Education aims to equip learners of all ages with those values, knowledge and skills that are based on and instil respect for human rights, social justice, diversity, gender equality and environmental sustainability and that empower learners to be responsible global citizens. Global Citizenship Education gives learners the competencies and opportunity to realise their rights and obligations to promote a better world and future for all1. Global citizenship is grounded in a lifelong learning perspective; it targets all learners of all ages, children, youth and adults.

The 10 year Basic Education philosophy on which Baobab School ethos is based, states that, “Quality basic education is a fundamental human right. It promotes the all-round development of the individual; fosters intellectual growth and creativity; enables every citizen to achieve his/her full potential. It is also designed to develop moral, ethical and social values, cultural identity, self- esteem and good citizenship.It prepares citizens to participate actively to further develop our democracy and prepare citizens for life in the 21st Century.”2 It further promotes the principles of national development, sustained development, rapid economic growth, economic independence, social justice and awareness of contemporary issues.

1 UNESCO Global Citizenship education online materials

210 Years Basic Education Curriculum Blueprint