Computer Department

Information Technology in Baobab Primary School

Baobab school has two computer laboratories that are equipped with thirty-five computer work stations each.

The lower lab is the base station where the students are introduced to basic computing, mouse skills, keyboard skills and touch typing skills. Students begin to realize that computers are all around us in our day to day lives. In this lab we plant the seed about the world of technology. Each student works independently and enjoys exclusive hands on use of the computer. This lab is designed for students from reception till standard three. It’s colorful and user friendly for our students.

The upper student lab is equipped thirty –five Mac –Mini’s. The Lab layout is mature and ready to promote learning. The students learn the basics about using Microsoft Office: Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel .The students are also exposed to the internet and they are able to do safe research on line. This is only a sub section of what we offer to our students at Baobab.

The world we live in nowadays has changed and every device is a smart device. As individuals we have smart phones, tablets, smart cameras etc. At Baobab school we have also introduced Smart Boards to enhance teaching in the lower part of the school.

The student who is a global student of the 21st Century is techno-smart. Through our different computer programs we aim at developing a holistic student who can fit anywhere in the world. We are grooming global citizens in our school by offering programs that foster intellectual growth and creativity.