Botho We Care

Baobab School continues to enlighten our young learners with regards to their moral character and their responsibilities as citizens of this tremendous country to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate around them and to better appreciate and understand the concept of BOTHO and the country’s pillar speaking to us all about being a compassionate nation.

Community Support comes firstly from the children themselves whereby the student body is asked to support each other in times of bereavement through the traditional activity of matshidiso as well as extra ordinary circumstances that are brought to the school’s attention. Our young learners are also active in external community support by participating in a ‘Civvies day’ for the national organization of Support 4 Learning. Monies collected during the civvies days help support the continuous professional development of all teachers in Botswana who attend the training conferences. Moving abroad, our history shows us raising funds for such disasters as the hurricane Haiti Hurricane.

Annually, our Girl Guides and Scout Troops, individually run two separate campaigns by identifying local recipients for their Buy a Blanket Drive and Non-perishable collection drive.

As a school, we try to assist external organizations by providing support in the terms of providing a venue free of charge. The Botswana Book Project, a large international foundation, has used Baobab’s hall since 2010 as a distribution point for free books to be sent to all corners of the country. The National PPC Youth Choir is another such organization that has recently called Baobab School home as they hold their weekly rehearsals and annual concerts in our school hall.

Autism Botswana, a fairly new parent organization also holds its meetings at Baobab School. Countless other community-based organizations have been offered our venue either free of charge or at a reduced rate based on their mandate and their commitment to serve the larger community.

We look forward to the next opportunity to serve our Botswana Community.